Sunday afternoon, at station 1

An exeptional day I would call it. Everybody showed up and we all had a great afternoon. The people from signal 51, who offered us the food, were real nice people to meet and talk with. We tried to and were able to explane a lot about our fireservices and the way they operate, like we have been doing in the fires stations this week.

We were able to show where in the world Belgium is, and talked about the bar in the voluntary firestations, al the different kinds of beer, the belgian chocolat, the Mercedes firepumper and lot's lot's more.




And then, after the food we got was blessed, while we were all in a big circle of friendship and brotherhood, we got to taste the best best BBQ, south of the Mississippi. Those ribs were fingerlicking good, mmmmmmmm.........

Thanks to Karl , who was in charge of the BBQ.

We also got to meet Maureen, who came to meet us at the firestation, and talk a little bit of west-Vlaams with us.




After the meal the station was cleaned up, everybody went back to their assigned firestation and we could wait for the call to come. Station 1 kept it slow, only 1 run to the city hall for a false alarm (somebody stuck in an elevator) but made this up by telling some jokes and exchange some past experiences. We also got some lessons in what is here a hype, but that has to be kept in the station , they said.


Good night for us, good morning to you.

Tommorow another busy day, visiting more interresting places in the city.

Your reporter, Paul


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